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Thursday, December 22, 2011

We believe because we are Hougang HOOLs!


What I have learned so far since becoming a supporter of this club is that even though a lot of obstacles have been placed in front of supporters, obstacles placed in front of the football team, obstacles placed in front of the club, we did not give up and made this club a growing family.

The reason is simple in that we as football fans believed in ourselves. We believed we could take Hougang United FC to the next level. We did not rely on others to spoon feed or push us to do the things we did for this club, but made it happen simply as football fans.

A football team can win all the time but their club isn’t great because people are there only to watch a winning team. There is an absense of emotional connection between the fans and the club.
Being part of Hougang United FC means that you are more than just a club supporter, you are actually a stake holder of this property – you are a Singaporean representing club and country and each time you raise your hands to sing and chant, you hold a piece of Hougang United FC next to your heart. And this pride and loyalty cannot be bought or sold. It is imbued into your soul.

You are the example to all Singaporeans and S-League clubs that football fans are the cornerstone of the football industry. Only you can make a football club great. No one else. So keep the Hougang United football tradition alive! Cheers!


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