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Friday, December 23, 2011

A tale of 2 Leagues

Long long ago, the Football Governing Body (FGB) had its own football league but through the years, it began to slowly decline. Its administration was plagued by jaded officials who had lost the stomach to develop the sport.

In another country, a Rival Football Body (RFB) had started a league of their own and threatened the survival of FGB. The rival group had plans to attract all football fans from FGB over to its side.

The President of FGB called for emergency meeting and two groups of football fans were commissioned the task of increasing the match attendance at their respective football clubs.

They were named Group 1 and 2, and were given pretty much any legitimate means to accomplish their goal and to reignite the football passion amongst their fellow countrymen.
Group1 had a meeting and vigorously debated amongst themselves about the pros and cons of the football league, listing out the various reasons why the league was ailing and re-telling tales of the glorious past.

They compiled writings on how the football administration was filled with self-preserving bureaucrats who only thought for themselves, and petitioned for the President of the FGB to step down.

In some of their writings, they lamented about the quality of football and ill funding from the state.

They also wrote about the wants and needs of the fans and how complementary gifts and accommodation could attract more fans. The group then went into the public and distributed the findings to the people.

When the opening match day came their stadium was rewarded with only a sporadic crowd but they instead recruited more critics into their group.

Group 2 – on realizing a renaissance had to emerge organically & spontaneously decide to act upon that, leaving their criticism for another day. They brainstormed on solutions that can raise the attendance on match days and decided to sell club merchandise.

They rallied their fan branches and instructed them to invite the public to a football club fanfare at their stadium.

At the fanfare, the group sold printed t-shirts, memorabilia and season passes and through the selling of those passes had recruited a small army of faithful. 

Pre-season approached and the new small army was once again called into action. By then, most of the fanatics in that army mastered the cheers and songs. They went into the public with song and dance, did charity work and fund raisers. And through these initiatives was able to congregate a much bigger following albeit less fervent ones.

On their opening match day Group 2 saw a 20% percent jump in their match attendance.

Group 2 continued their sale of merchandise as well as community outreach and allowed the match attendance to prevail for the next few seasons.

Followers enjoyed the atmosphere as much as they did the football. The small army that had been recruited were now the voice & backbone of the following contingent and it kept the stadium alive and kicking.

Word spread to the media who then took an interest in the buzz and soon sponsorship came knocking as they saw this as a lucrative opportunity.   

The football club saw a 25% percent increase in club revenue and this allowed them to purchase better quality players, effectively raising the standard of their football.

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