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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hougang United FC to boost fan base

Hougang United FC will be vying to increase it's club membership as well as to boost crowd attendance for the coming S-League season 2012.

Although relatively small in terms of financial standings, the club's image & branding overhaul and an uncanny player-fan relationship have brought about a completely fresh look to the North-Easterners.

On the pitch, the Cheetahs have been transformed from the perennial minnows of yesteryears to an invigorated attacking unit and have secured no less than 15 wins and accumulating 43 points - 48 if you consider the docked points; compared to the 2010 season in which they managed only 7 wins and 27 points. She has sinced climbed to the highest 7th position in her S-League footballing history.

This year, the club has also finished runners-up in the Singapore League Cup and also came in 4th in the RHB Singapore Cup. It has been an encouraging season so far.

Off the pitch, an injection of fan involvement a.k.a 'HOOLs' has also emerged in the form of chanting and singing in the stands. The management at helm are very aware of this and intend to draw more like-minded fervent fans to supplement this culture.

How the club goes about in it's advertising campaign, I have no idea yet, but I do know that the above ingredients make for an even more exciting 2012 for Hougang United. :)

Stay tuned for more updates...

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