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Friday, March 30, 2012

Open letter to S-League CEO Mr.Lim Chin

Photo: SPH
Dear Mr. Lim,

It is very heartening to witness you sitting amongst other S-League football fans and soaking in the match experience.

I wish to convey a very BIG THANK YOU for being the hands-on chief executive officer we have never had. And unlike your predecessors who can only offer - at best words and equivocal stances; your actions speak louder at this earlier stage of your appointment; and it have given us S-league supporters renewed hope & faith that our domestic league is now receiving adequate remedy albeit at it's recovery stage.

We are encouraged that you are engaging fans from various supporter clubs and exchange ideas and gathering feedback from them. Please continue the good work and thank you for being the commander on the ground.

Cheetahs Fan

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