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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Being an Hougang United faithful...

... means more than just being a fan, it's about stepping up and giving a shout for yourself.

It is also about self-awakening to the country's politics that shaped the path of 100 years of footballing history in Singapore. But politics is for another time, today we talk about football supporters.

Success Bandwagon
It's easy to follow the trend of successful and established football clubs, especially those with an illustrious history but how were you part of that development? Were you supporting them when the going was tough; stuck around when it was an unheard of minnows - before it became a title contender?

If the answer is no, then you can't really claim glory for yourself at the expense of someone else's hard work can you? But here's how you can.

The development of a football club takes time and dedication and the same goes for supporters of Hougang United. We may be small in numbers but our actions outshine thousands of fair-weathered fans who only appear when their clubs become successful.

The same example can be said for people who visit or work in Singapore. Living and playing in a successful & convenient country like Singapore isn't that difficult but it is only through the blood and sweat of our forefathers that many now enjoy it's fruit of labour.

But with time, our die-hardiness and fervent support will be the backbone and history of Hougang United's success; and we wish to continue to inject this 'fan-centric' involvement to our supporters and fans.

We want the same hope and belief for Hougang United as well as for other S-League clubs; to be able to witness their club's first steps and beyond; to feel her pain, her losses and also rejoice in her moments of victory.

When we putting on the Hougang United jersey, we imbue ourselves with the roar of the Kallang and every time the Cheetahs make their way to the center of the pitch, they know that every Hougang United supporter is the 12th player.

We will growl, purr and snarl over every tackle, at every attack. We'll taunt the mickey out of other fans with our banter. We'll scream at the linesmen, call out to opposing teams and tell them whatever we want. So come on Hougang! We are United! And we are not afraid!

Give them nothing but take from them...everything!

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