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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Synergy, ferventness, cause, samagat ...

Whatever you want to call it, can only happen when ordinary Singaporeans converge towards creating something extraordinary - to bridge the gap between the disenchanted fans and the league authorities.

We decided long ago that complaining about it was as good as not doing anything productive. Writing letters and suggestions to the press is simply a waste of time and not our forte.

We would rather get ourselves to the stadium, lend our visual & vocal support than to sit behind a computer screen conjuring your brilliant remedy for S-league; and then waiting for your article to be published - stroking your ego while you admire your own text. Sorry hor, we were not formed to be keyboard warriors.

Neither were we formed to win some silly "Fan Club" of the year - that's the last thing on our minds - Seriously, what can you do with this award? Decorate our home? Stroke our egos again? Yawn...

Hougang Hools was formed to galvanized support for S-League and for Hougang United. To show Singaporeans and the football fraternity that organic fan support is vital to our league's survival and that our chants and songs unequivocally lifts the spirit of our club.

And Hougang Hools will continue to do so in our own fashion.

Sprouting across the island are not just the official fan clubs but pockets of unofficial supporter groups have also started up - join their cause and support your team.

If you want to wait for the league authorities to make things happen, you might as well ask your grandma to do it instead cos she can do it better, faster and maybe cheaper too!

All grandma needs is to arm herself with the S-League pride & her season pass; and she'll be out of the house walking to the nearest stadium to catch some S-League action.

"Free tickets are for free loaders," she'll say.

S-League is our home grown football product; and we have to support it - because a football league or a club is only as great as it's fans and supporters. See you at the next match! :)

Hougang Till I Die!

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