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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Save Woodlands Wellington Campaign

UPDATE: In a story reported by The New Paper this morning, Woodlands was alleged to have fallen into financial hardship when the tabloid quoted a source close to the Football Association of Singapore which claimed that the Rams were unable to show their financial plan for the 2013 S.League season. However, Tay rubbished the report and commented that all players, coaches and staff were paid on time throughout the season, suggesting that the Rams were in fact, in stark contrast to the earlier report, pretty much in the pink of health financially. (SOURCE)

Dear fellow HougangHOOLs,

Our fellow friends in Woodlands Wellington are gathering to rally support and create awareness for the plight of their illustrious club.

As per Hougang HOOLs tradition and founding principle, we stand in solidarity with our fellow like-minded S.League fans from the north, and once again ask our fellow Hougang friends to be with the Woodlands friends - like the legendary Hussain Razzak (leader of the Black Sheep) - to join them in the rally.

We the Hougang HOOLs want the Woodlands Wellington, and the good fans of Woodlands, to continue to survive, thrive and contribute to our Singapore football, our S.League, our community. Do not let any recent undesirable element within the club to deter us from that founding principle to stand by them, it's the right thing to do.

See you tonight at Woodlands, cheers!

On behalf of Hougang HOOLs

Content extracted from The Unofficial Woodlands Wellington Supporters' Club (The Black Sheep):

Following the news of Woodlands Wellington Football Club's possible pull-out from the 2013 S.League season as reported in The New Paper this morning, the Black Sheep would like to call for a supporters' awareness campaign to save our club tonight at Woodlands Stadium.

Woodlands Wellington has been in existence for 25 years since it was formed in 1988, and the forthcoming 2013 season would be it's 18th season in the top flight of Singapore football. The club is not just any other football club. It is the heart and soul of the Woodlands community, an inspiration for budding young footballers, and a humble source of income for our team of beloved players, backroom staff and their families. If the club were to sit out of the league in 2013, it would be too late for these players and staff members to find another club right now.

We will be meeting at 8pm at the main stadium entrance. Supporters are encouraged to come dressed in Woodlands Wellington tops or any yellow shirt for this cause. We would also like to invite you to bring along any family and friends to join us in this awareness campaign as we tell the club's board, its members and our local communities what our club mean to Woodlands and the tens of thousands of families which call this place home.

This is a very delicate moment. Let us show our support to the club and the players in this moment of crisis. Never Surrender!

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