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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kelantan The Red Warriors Supporters

A short introduction/lesson for our league authorities, stake holders, S.League fans and those who have not heard of the word - ULTRAS.

They are the un-official supporter groups that promote non-violent loyalty and vocal support for their beloved football clubs; and are an essential ingredient in the football scene with their elaborate displays of banners, tifos, chants etc. With ultras, a football stadium will always look and sound like a football stadium; and not a quiet library.

Kelantan FA shows you why their ultras a.k.a Red Warrior Supporters played an important part in the club's mercurial rise.

Kelantan FA's climb to the summit wasn't an over night success but a long and winding one. During the mid 1990's Malaysia's football suffered various setbacks e.g match-fixing, corruption and internal administration problems plagued the football fraternity.

The turn around came in 1994 when the state of Kelantan experienced social changes that allowed the newly appointed President of Kelantan FA Tan Sri Anuar Nusa to tap on the new found energy of it's football supporters a.k.a Red Warriors Supporters.

Since then, the club never looked back and the supporters are now renown to be the fiercest in Malaysia and even though they may seem like an annoyance to folks who would prefer a more sterile environment, ultras' on and off pitch presence and contribution to their club cannot be ignored - a force to be reckon with throughout the region. 

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