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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hougang hears a Hool (Part 2)

Mervin Tan and LATW founder Arief  Arep together with S-League CEO Lim Chin
Photo: LATW Crew

Part 2 of our interview with Mervin Tan, one of the founders of the Hougang United supporters club, the Hougang “Hools”

What’s your hope for Hougang United this season?

In short:
- For our Hougang boys to play their darndest best, to enter into battle on the pitch with full sweat,
blood and tears (hopefully not shedding any of the latter two!). No surrender!

- For our Hougang heroes to finish the season with pride in their hearts, having played a truly
meaningful season and a love for the Hougang cause. For each and every single one of the lads – from
management to first team to prime league to COE squad to fans – to have bonded together in a fiercely
loyal semangat. For the players to play for each other, train in oneness, even go out together, for the
Hougang cause.

- We like all fans may find winning any form of silverware – be it the league title or cup, or any awards -
be celebration-worthy, but we see winning silverware as merely a big bonus. For we stand by our credo:


For sponsors to recognize the appeal of Hougang United and come aboard the Hougang Revolution,
the semangat of the team and the inevitable growth of the Hougang HOOLs. I don’t want financial lack
to be an obstacle against:

- The long-term growth goal of Hougang United to be a regional football powerhouse. Yes, I envision
my Hougang someday winning our very first S.League title (hopefully within half a decade’s time),
eventually taking on the best of the Asian Champions League and bringing honour to the name of

Finally, for Hougang United to always have quality fans, failthful fans who will support Hougang United
through the best and darkest times, who will learn the value of “If you are not around during our
struggle, do not be present for our success”.

Lastly, any word for your management, players, coach or fans from the other clubs?


For management: we support all your endeavours to advance the cause of Hougang United Football
Club for our on-pitch success and glory. Always remember, the circle of trust and partnership between
management, coach, players, sponsors and fans must always fight for each other and for that one cause.
We want Hougang United win the S.League some day!!!

To our coach Nenad Bacina: IN NENAD WE TRUST!

Our Hougang heroes: Though we are privileged to be counted as your friends, we will always look up to
you as you do battle in our Hougang colours. NO SURRENDER!!

Fans of other clubs: We Hougang HOOLs full-heartedly support the endeavours of the other fan clubs,
especially the unofficial ones who are of one heart in unwavering support for your respective club, to
grow the fan movement and develop a long-term football fan culture amongst Singaporeans. We want
to see our S.League become once again a famed powerhouse league that feeds our national team for
international glory! Yes, we may be rival fans for 90 minutes, but outside of it, S.League fans at large
know we are united in supporting our Singapore national team! (SOURCE)

Photo: Chris Harvey

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