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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two-tier S-League in 2014?

By Ali Kasim
Photo: SPH file picture
IT’S BEEN 16 years since the S-League kicked off.

In 1996, eight teams graced the inaugural season.

Two years from now, that number could double as the league expands to a two-tier format, allowing for a promotion-relegation system between a total of 16 teams.

This is the plan of S-League CEO Lim Chin as the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) looks towards developing S-League version 2.0.

Speaking to The New Paper yesterday, Lim said the plans for a two-tier league, titled S1-S2, are at a “very preliminary stage” and that the FAS plans to hold a “big meeting in April” to discuss the viability and various options with all football stakeholders.

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