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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Match Report: CYL 2:0 Hougang

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
2000hrs, Jalan Besar Stadium


Courts Young Lions   2 : 0   Hougang United
Shahdan Sulaiman ( 56')                                                
Nazrul Ahmad Nazari (72')                                                    
Match Attendance: 1,326

Hougang United missed out on the opportunity to claim their 3 points and succumbed to a 2-0 lost to a fresh looking Courts Young Lions on a Tuesday night at Jalan Besar.

Aide lamented about having to play almost 5 games in 10 days caused the team a sluggish display that witness a second half rout of the visitors.

Also without key players like Jordan Webb, Fazli Jaffar and Mamadou Diallo, attacking options were left on the shoulders of Vitor Borges and Carlos Delgado, both found it hard to break down the Young Lions defenses.

Faizal Amir's return to regular team play saw him plying the right channel in place of a rested Jordan Webb, while Noor Ali supported attacks from the left flank.

I was quite surprised to see Azhar Sairudin being subbed out 20mins into the first half, and might have signal that the team was already feeling the after effects of the League Cup Finals. In his place was youngster Raymond Kwa.

The first 45 mins was only limited to what seemed to reflect a training in progress as both sides were lack lustre in front of goal.

Second half procceded without much haste and CYL proved to be the more energetic of the 2. And the break came 10 mins into the second half when winger Nazrul Ahmad Nazari outpaced the Cheetahs backline to cut in a cross for Shahdan Sulaiman to tap the goal in from point blank range.

That goal proved to be a heavy cloud descending on Hougang United as what followed was a one sided event.

Both Fathi Yunos and Captain Shariff were subbed out and in their place were Basit Hamid and Sobrie Mazelan. That meant Faizal Amir moved to right back, and Sharil Alias took up the center back spot. Basit supported from the right and Sobrie was pushed upfront.

However, the switches didn't yeld positive effects as CYL continued to pour in their advances from the right flank.

And they doubled their scoreline with similar strokes from Nazrul Ahmad Nazari. He took advantage of the space created on the right and planted 25 yard shot that stunned a rooted custodian Fadhil Salim.

It was a fan's greatest nightmare of seeing your team cave in but everyone soldiered on, even 3 faithful supporters in the stands were crying out, "Hougang's 3 men army!". They knew the night had been rough.

No time for crying over spilt milk as Hougang United need to muster their mental edge into the coming match at Tampines Stadium next Wednesday. :)

I'm Hougang till I die! I'm Hougang till I die!
I know I am, I'm sure I am!
I'm Hougang till I die!


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